The Ultimate Book on Money Laundering and AML Compliance by Financial Crime Academy

The Ultimate Book on Money Laundering and AML Compliance

Probably the most comprehensive overview of of money laundering and AML/CTF compliance

Book Description

Did you ever wonder how drug dealers can purchase sports cars? Or how illegally embezzled money can end up financing Hollywood movies More importantly, what do our politicians and lawmakers do to prevent money laundering? And how can organizations prevent being systematically misused for money laundering? What can organizations do to do to build an effective AML Compliance program? How can they make sure that they comply with regulatory and legal requirements?

This book gives you a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know about money laundering and AML compliance.

Add-ons to this book:
✅ 3 Quizzes with numerous Quizz Questions
✅ 7 Section Summary Cheat Sheets
✅ Shell Companies Red Flags Checklist
✅ Offshore Jurisdictions Checklist
✅ Terrorist Financing Checklist
✅ AML Compliance Program Checklist

🎓 Who this book is for:
  • Professionals wanting to acquire and demonstrate specialized knowledge in AML and Compliance
  • Professionals wanting to increase their value through better understanding of AML and Compliance
  • Career starters and students wanting to build a comprehensive AML and Compliance knowledge
  • Anyone who is genuinly intersted in money laundering, AML, and Compliance

This book includes:
📕 110 pages 🤔 Quiz Questions ♾️ Full lifetime access 📱 Access on mobile

📚 Digital Formats:
This eBook is available in multiple formats including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI


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